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San Francisco, CA, 94116
United States

Jay Som


"Melina Duterte released her first big solo full-length under the Jay Som moniker with the awe-inspiring and already much lauded Turn Into. The Bay Area artist made a name for herself with the debut single “Forget About It Kid,” featured on Beech Coma’s Compilation 3. Set as the opening launch song, the single received continued praise in UK markets creating what Gold Flake Paint‘s Tom Johnson aptly phrased in response to Turn Into—”A snapshot of what’s been and a perfect foreword to what might and certainly should come next.” This is no hyperbole of the majesty and might that Melina has created with Turn Into. From the sporadic release, a home-spun network of fans grew through word of mouth endorsements and enthusiastic recommendations (described in the Bay Bridged’s review) with resounding chatter, responses of expressive adjectives, and flowery poetics that are continuing to gain further attention from the international music & arts communities, collectives, & so on. Turn Into offers immediate gratification that does not require one to be familiar with Melina’s work with Summer Peaks, nor previous single releases. Even those familiar with a handful of masters that were being traded amongst artists and labels for the past year will discover them and more in a crafty album order that keeps the DIY thrills in a constant state of beguiling wonder. Melina’s collection of “finished & unfinished songs” that were created during the span from March 2014 to October 2015 proves to be one of the year’s most masterful and ambitious releases where the one woman army of Jay Som has the listener wondering “how in the world did she create that sound” at every turn. Turn Into leaves the kind of impression that can make a destitue artist give up, or inspire a struggling artist to produce every aspect of their work all on their very own time, tek, terms, rudimentary tools, and tones." -Sjimon Gompers via Impose